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Curriculum Vitae

Paula Rosa

[+351] 91 266 82 37

BORN: April 13th, 1970, Lisbon, Portugal

Designer, working in various branches of Design such as: Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Equipment Design.

Visual artist, dedicated to Painting, Sculpture and Illustration.

Mentor, providing expertise in Discriptive Geometry, Colour Theory, Figure Drawing, Technical and Architectural Drawing, Aesthetics and Art Theory.

Co-founder of HomoLudens® Design

academic qualifications and training

2008: Graduated from University Lusófona in Design do Equipamento e do Espaço (Equipment and Space Design).

1998: Graduated from University Instituto Jean Piaget in Design e Gestão da Produção de Equipamento Pedagógico (Design and Production’s Managment of Pedagogical Media)


  • Halmstad University, Sweden, 1998

  • Brio Toys, osby, Sweden, 1998

  • Centro Hellen Keller, Lisbon, 1997

  • A.C.A.P.O. Lisbon, Portugal

  • C.P.C. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, 1997

  • Espaço & Brinca, 1996/97



  • Multimedia Computing and Interactivity, ULHT, Lisbon, 2008

  • Design Laboratory, ULHT, Lisbon

  • Computer Assisted Design, ULHT, Lisbon, 2007

  • Production Technologies, I.Jean Piaget, Almada, Portugal, 1998

  • The Nordic Center For Research On Toys And Educational Media, Halmstad University, Sweden, 1998

  • Brio Toys, R&D Department, Osby, Sweden, 1998

  • Brio Toys, Quality Control Department, Osby, Sweden, 1998

  • RALL S.A. Águeda, Portugal, 1997


  • Toys, Culture and Society - Nordic Center for Research on Toys and Educational Media, Halmstad University, Sweden, 1998

  • History and Theory of Design, by mestre Vitor Manaças, ESE Jean Piaget, Portugal, 1997

  • Ergonomics, Anthropometry and Human Diversity versus Design University of Human Mobility, Lisbon, 1997

  • Graphic Systems for Alternative Augmentative Communication, Lisbon Forum, 1997

  • Eco-Anthropology of Instruments and Techniques, ESE Jean Piaget, Almada, 1996

work experience

2010: Revista A - Arte, Luxo, Colecção (magazine A - Art, Luxury, Collection). Editorial design, news design and graphics.
ISSN: 67/2010 DL: 309264/10

2010: Cooperation with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation's Science Department for the European Foundation Centre presentation of Darwin's Evolution exhibition in Brussels.

2009: Cooperation with M.N.C.N, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Spain, for the exhibition La Evolución de Darwin in Madrid.

2009: Cooperation with Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for A Evolução de Darwin exhibition project in Lisbon. Criation of movies, animations, interactive pannels and presentations.

2006: Colaboration with author Manuel Carmo for the project Manifesto24 in New York. Editorial Design, book cover, graphics and exhibition simulation.

2006: Partnership with AABA (Bairro Alto Art Ateliers), Lisbon.

1999: Graphic and Industrial design for C.M.L. (Lisbon Municipality), G.E.O department (cabinet of studies about the city of Lisbon).

1999: Photography, microfilming, negative and diapositive editing of Museu da Cidade assets (Lisbon City Museum).

1998: Special Equipment Design for blind children and for individuals with chronic non-progressive encephalopathy.

1998: Furniture design projects focousing on the utilization of MDF (medium-density fibreboard).

1998: Co-founder of HomoLudens Design, Lisbon.

selected projects

2013: Plastic Intervention on musical instrument - project for Associação Cultural Museu Cavaquinho , itinerant exhibition 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas.

2010: Series of 24 interactive skeleton morphs - project for Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation's exhibition A Evolução de Darwin.

2010: Magazine A. Graphic Concept and Editorial design. Publisher: Manuel Carmo Foundation. ISSN: 67/2010 DL: 309264/10

2009: CD cover for Operation Observation by Excubitors, Germany. LC: 09374 - 400590263545

2009: CD cover for The Fall Of 80' by Aura, USA.

2008: Belém, Ubiquitous Era, project for DesenhoV. Concept, storyboard, editorial design, graphics, animation, public intervention project.

2008: I-Move, wearable computer design project. Concept and development.

2008: A Colour, a Country, a Substance, an Artist. Personal Colour Theory project. Study, concept, texts and book graphic design..

2007: Project New Digital Media in Art, solo exhibithion and workshop at Coimbra Water Museum..

2007: Book cover for Versos Nús, by poet Tiago Nené. Publisher: Magna Editora ISBN: 978-989-8138-00-2 DP: 264476/07.

2006: Book cover, Editorial Design and graphics for Manifesto 24, by Manuel Carmo. Publisher: Angel Orensanz Foundation Center For The Arts, New York.

1997: Bionics-Plant Inspired Design, personal biomimetic design project. Concept, development (morphology studies / stage data models/ new system) and prototype.

bibliography and press features


2014: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas. Publisher: Associação Cultural Museu Cavaquinho.

ISBN: 978-989-20-5175-8.

2011: Altered Images - New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography. Author: RomanyWG, UK.

ISBN: ISBN-978-1-908211-00-2.

2010: Imagine The Imagination - New Visions Of Surrealism. Publisher: Negoist, Poland, in cooperation with Abnormals Gallery, Germany.

ISBN: 978-83-927078-2-0.

2010: Visionary Art Yearbook 2010-2011. Edited by Otto Rapp.


2014: Terra Obscura, issue 3, interview. Magazine. Publisher: Terra Obscura Organisation, Spokane, WA.

2010: Revista A, issue 1, portfolio and exhibition highlight (pg.87 to 97). Magazine. Publisher: Manuel Carmo Foundation.

ISSN: 67/2010.

2009: DP - Digital Photographer, issue 15, article (pg.44 to 45). Magazine.

ERC: 125381 DL: 273786/08.

2009: DP - Digital Photographer, issue 9, highlight (pg.33). Magazine.

ERC: 125381 DL: 273786/08.

2009: Jornal Público, issue 6890, year 19, article (pg.4 to 5). Newspaper.

ICS: 114410 DL: 45458/91.

2009: Diário de Notícias, issue 51083, year 145, article (pg.27). Newspaper.

ISSN: 0870-1954 DL: 121052/98.

2007: Jornal de Notícias, issue 162, year 120, article (pg.34). Newspaper.

ISSN: 0870-2020 DL: 121031/2004.

2007: Future Art Magazine, paper edition, issue 1, article (pg.10 to 11).

2007: Boletim Municipal do Seixal, issue 431, year 15, article (pg.18). Newspaper.

ISSN: 0871-3294 DL: 17113/87.

lectures given

2017: Projecto 33, lecture. Casa da Cultura, Setúbal, Portugal.

2012: À Conversa com Paula Rosa, lecture. Almada City Museum, Almada, Portugal.

2008: The Nordic Cinema - Complete Historic Profile. Oral presentation, written report and review. ULHT, Lisbon, Portugal.

2007: Digital Art - Practice and Vision. Comtemporary Arts subject. ULHT, Lisbon, Portugal.

2007: New Digital Media in Art, lecture and workshop. Water Museum, Coimbra, Portugal.


2016: #jesuisparisArtauction, Mairie du 11ème, Paris, france.



2021: Women AND Artists!The ONE Museum.

2020: O Fluxo e a Transitoriedade, Oficina de Formação e Animação Cultural, Aljustrel, Portugal.

2018: Retrospectiva, Instituto Politécnico, Setúbal, Portugal.

2018: Butterfly Defect, Espaço Exibicionista Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal.

2016: Nós Nómadas, Teatro-Estúdio António Assunção, Almada, Portugal.

2012: Na Parede, Forum Romeu Correia, Almada, Portugal.

2010: Fictions of the Interlude, Manuel Carmo Foundation, New York.

2007: New Digital Media in Art, Coimbra Water Museum, Portugal.

2006: Mouse it!, FCT Pavillion, Seixal, Portugal.

2005: Surrealizar por Aqui, Camara Lisboa Club, Lisbon.


2021: ARCOZ'ARTE, Casa das Artes, Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal.

2020: DILEMA, Espaço Exibicionista Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

2019: Merc'ART 2019, Lx Factory, Lisbon, Portugal.

2019: DIAD, Espaço Exibicionista Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

2018: Merc'ART 2018, Lx Factory, Lisbon, Portugal..

2018: Cidadão Exemplar, Oficina de Cultura, Almada, Portugal.

2016: #jesuisparisArtauction, Mairie du 11ème, Paris, France.
2016: Surrealism-Zagreb, Paris, Lisbon, Coimbra, Recordatório Rainha Sta Isabel, Coimbra.
2016: ARCOZ’ARTE, Casa das Artes de Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal
2016: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Teatro Baltazar Dias, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.
2016: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Cineteatro António Lamoso, Sta Maria da Feira, Portugal.
2016: International Surrealism Now, Partícula Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.
2016: Art&Passion, Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2016: Luso-American Surrealism, C.W. Depot Art Gallery, Mississipi, U.S.A.
2015: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Montreaux Art Gallery, Montreaux, Switzerland.
2015: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Casa do Sal, Castro Marim, Portugal.
2015: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Sala Gótica, Paços do Concelho, Barcelos, Portugal.
2015: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Palácio Vila Flor, Guimarães, Portugal.
2015: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Museu do Traje, Viana do Castelo, Portugal.
2015: Espace Art Shop, Dorothys Gallery, Paris, France.
2015: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Sala da Cidade, Coimbra, Portugal.
2015: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Theatro Circo, Braga, Portugal.
2015: Surrealism Now, Museu da Cidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal.
2015: My Planet I Love You, Dorothys Gallery, Paris, France.
2015: International Surrealist Masters, Magicraftsman Studio, Washington, U.S.A.
2015: Creation Contemporaine, Dorothys Gallery, Paris, France.

2015: Les Maitres Du Noir Et Blanc, Dorothys Gallery, Paris, France.
2015: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Theatro Circo, Braga, Portugal.
2014: 70 Cavaquinhos 70 Artistas, Jeronimos Monastery, Lisbon, Portugal.
2014: International Surrealism Now, Lousã Palace, Lousã, Portugal.
2014: International Surrealism Now, Medieval Palace of Ega, Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal.
2014: International Surrealism Now, Galeria Vieira Portuense, Porto, Portugal.
2014: Surrealism of the 21st Century, LuminArte Gallery, Dallas, U.S.A.
2014: Artistes de L‘imaginaire, Dorothys Gallery, Paris, France.
2014: Melting Pot, Dorothy's Gallery, Paris, France.
2014: International Surrealism Now, Casa Roque Gameiro, Amadora, Lisbon.
2013: 21st Century Portuguese Surrealism, Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2013: Surrealismo Português do Século XXI, Casa de Cultura Jaime Lobo e Silva, Ericeira.
2012: International Surrealism Now, Casa de Cultura de Setúbal.
2012: International Surrealism Now, Museu Monográfico de Conímbriga, Portugal.
2012: Confrontations, Dorothy's Gallery, Paris, France.
2012: Héritages Surréalistes, Dorothy's Gallery, Paris, France.
2012: Surrealismo Ibero-Ruso, Galeria Emma, Madrid, Spain.
2012: FIARTE 2012, Centro Municipal de Cultura, Granada, Spain.
2012: Surrealismo Português, Museu Moinho das Lapas, Cernache, Portugal.
2012: Surrealismo Português, Quintal da Fonte, Ançã, Cantanhede, portugal.
2011: Surrealismo Português e Argentino, Recordatório Rainha Sta Isabel, Coimbra, PT.
2011: A Evolução de Darwin, Casa Andresen, Botanic Garden, Porto, Portugal..
2010: Darwin's Evolution, European Foundation Centre, Brussels, Belgium.
2010: La Evolución de Darwin, Parque De Las Ciencias, Granada, Spain.
2009: La Evolución de Darwin, Museo de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain.
2009: A Evolução de Darwin, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal.