Espaço Exibicionista Gallery - Group Show

Landing. Something good will happen. The moment you expect ... There are expressions that allow you to enrich a phrase, giving it strength or subtlety, make indirect suggestions, emphasize the intensity of one's feelings, mitigate the impact of an austere statement, with humor and irony, ... Idiomatic expressions are portions of sentences whose meaning goes beyond the literal meaning of its parts. They mean more than the interpretation of the words that compose them, implying a contextual reading.

Group Show 2019: Alexandre Alonso, Ana Monteiro, Coderch & Malavia, Duarte Vitória, Duma, Filipe Curado, Gabriel Garcia, Hugo Silva, Lara Roseiro, Luís Melo, Martinho Dias, Nuno Raminhos, Paul Neberra, Paula Rosa, Pedro Zamith, Petri Salo, Ricardo Passos, Rita Melo e Valentim Quaresma.