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Merc'art 2020 - Lx Factory

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Ther Art Container came to life as four painters, eight handed, turn a 100% organic tent into a stunning, meaningful artwork. "Organic to touch, as we care about animal welfare and we want to spread beauty also in our corporate behavior, using cruelty-free supplies. Thus The Living Art Container was born, enhancing the gaze of curiosity in the name of Art - it is more alive than ever, exposed in all its tumultuous beauty to the force of human feelings."

2019 The art container was back at Lx Factory

Merc'art was "even more alive this year: 24 artists among which we added Fashion Designers, New Media, 3D Artists and Augmented Reality talents. They all came together with the purpose of being free from labels, ready to spread the wings of Beauty and fly."


Artwork designed exclusively for Merc’art.

Original artwork sold at the opening.

Limited edition of 15 fine art prints available on merc'art

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